How are decisions made?

Byggnads' task is to represent its members and advance their interests so that they should have good and improving conditions not only at work but also in society. 

We can do that if we have many active members of Byggnads working together and carrying forward the interests of building workers. The members are Byggnads. We are stronger together than as individuals.


All members are welcome to attend section meetings. That is where decisions about local activities are taken.


The highest decision-making organs in branches are the members elected by the local sections. They elect branch executive committees who, together with the staff, are responsible for current activities in the branch.

The Union

The Union's highest decision-making organ is the Congress. It is there that long-term activities with-in the Union are discussed and decided. All branches are represented at the congress. Delegates are appointed by the branch committees. The Congress chooses the Union National Council and ap-points members as representatives responsible for taking decisions between congresses.

These representatives meet in those years when there is no Congress. They approve the previous year's activities and take decisions about objectives and the budget for the coming year.

The Union National Council meets once a month and takes decisions on current activities. The Committee meets once a week and among other things prepares reports to the governing council.

The committee on agreements

The committee on collective agreements has 116 members, elected by the divisions. Its function is advisory. Its members discuss the demands to be put forward before and during discussions about agreements, and express their view about the Union's position on negotiated agreements before they are finally adopted.