Political activities

There are few branches of industry as dependent on political decisions as the construction industry. Building projects and the labour supply in the industry are governed almost exclusively by political decisions.

Housing, schools, hospitals, roads and other construction projects are decided in parliament, regional assemblies and municipal building committees. If building workers are to be able to influence the availability of work, we must take part in and influence political life!

In Society

You must be seen and heard if you are to count! That is the motto we have been working with at Byggnads for a number of years. To protect our members' interests it is important that we as an organisation present ourselves to the best advantage, in good times and bad.

That means that Byggnads carries out many different tasks such as, for example, submitting comments on the various proposals from the Government and Parliament. We can also do so by attending all sorts of meetings, contributing articles to the public debate, taking part in radio and TV programmes and so on.

We also have a special media group engaged in all kinds of outwardlooking activities such as, for example, advertisements, different forms of sponsorship, taking part in trade fairs and much, much else.