Byggnads MellanNorrland

Contract preparation for foreign companies

Before being able to make an appointment to sign a contract with Byggnads MellanNorrland you will need to ensure that the correct documents are sent to us.

Once we have received these documents we will contact you to schedule a meeting with an authorized signatory.

A collective agreement will not be signed until all documents have been received. All documents must be submitted in the original or a copy and be translated to Swedish or english by an authorized interpreter.

When we have received the documents, we will contact the company and schedule an appointment to sign the agreement. If any documents are missing, or if there are any questions regarding the documents, we will contact the company and request additions. The agreement will be signed after the physical review of the agreement at Byggnads local office.

The review prior to signing the agreement will be conducted in Swedish. If the representative of the company is not fluent in Swedish, the company must arrange for and pay the costs of an interpreter at the meeting.

Send the documents to: