Contract Preparation for foreign companies

Before being able to make an appointment to sign an agreement with Byggnads Norrbotten you will need to ensure that the correct documents are sent to us. Once we have received these documents we will contact you to schedule a meeting with an authorized signatory.

An agreement may not be signed until all documents have been received. All documents must be translated to Swedish by an authorized translator.

The subject line of the email must contain the company's full name, foreign registration number/tax number, registration number with the Swedish Tax Agency and D-U-N-S number.

The following information must be submitted in order to enter into a collective agreement with Byggnads ( a copy of original);

  • A certificate of registration from the country in which the company is domiciled, as well as any certificate of registration from the Swedish Companies Registration Office. The document may not be more than one month old.
  • Decisions by the Swedish Tax Agency concerning approval of Swedish F-tax (corporate taxation). You need to be registered as employer.
  • All contact details for the company and authorized signatory.
    Information about your client: Workplace address and labour to be performed, copy of construction contract.
  • An employment contract must be submitted for each employee covered by the agreement with the Byggnads. The contract must indicate if the employee is an apprentice. Each contract must be signed by the employee. Copy of original contract must be submitted.
  • A1 certificates for the posted employees who will be performing labour on behalf of the company.
  • The seven-digit policy number of any FORA insurance that the company already has must be specified. If the company does not have FORA insurance, the insurance policy must be signed when the collective agreement is entered into by filling out this form.
  • The company must enter into an occupational health services agreement in accordance with the policies of the Byggnads. A signed agreement and all pages must be submitted. Approved OHC-providers.
  • Company declaration ID06 and the number of ID06-kort you have registered.
  • The application form SKV 4632 which the company submitted to the Swedish Tax Agency when applying for Swedish F-tax. The company must request this form from the Swedish Tax Agency. It must be stated on the form that it has been received by the Swedish Tax Agency.

Once Byggnads has received the documents, it will contact the company and schedule an appointment to sign the agreement. The agreement will be signed after the physical review of the agreement at Byggnads local office.

The review prior to signing the agreement will be conducted in Swedish. If the representative of the company is not fluent in Swedish, the company must arrange for and pay the costs of an interpreter at the meeting.

We charge an annual administration fee, 3 134 SEK (2023).


Foreign companies
Collective agreement e-mail:

Authorized signatory for Byggnads Norrbotten:
Jukka Määttä +4610-601 12 81

Swedish companies
Collective agreement e-mail:

Jukka Määttä +4610-601 12 81
Authorized signatory for Byggnads Norrbotten

Ann-Kristine Waara +4610-601 12 96

Sidansvarig: Anu Jonsson