Sign a collective agreement

Before being able to make an appointment to sign an agreement with Byggnads Stockholm-Gotland you will need to ensure that the following documents are sent to us. Once we have received these documents we will contact you for an appointment.

The correct required documents should be sent to the contact below

Send the documents

All documents and information should be submitted before signature of the contract. Individual documents are canceled. The individual from your company that signs the contract with Byggnads must be authorized with signatory rights.

Send the documents to:
The subject line of the email should include your company name and organization number.

Byggnads Stockholm-Gotland administration fee is 3134 SEK per year.


We are able to provide the information and signing of the agreement in Swedish and Polish. If you speak any other language you will be responsible yourself that an authorized interpreter is present during the signing of the agreement.


Please contact us if you have any questions concerning collective agreements.